In the Beginning…

In the Beginning… I selected (you guessed it!) none other than the Baltimore Ravens to start my new Madden 17 Franchise. Those of you who know me understand that I’m a huge Ravens fan and area native, so this was no surprise move.

I named this man as my head coach (sorry Harbs).

Now the first two seasons were interesting…

Season 1 (2016-2017)

In season 1 we had a 10-6 record, skated into the playoffs, beat the Steelers and then lost to the Chiefs. The Cheifs!? Enough about that. But Flacco had a terrible season, throwing 30 interceptions. Yup, 30. Rattled by injuries, I guess the team didn’t have enough in the tank to get sim wins through the super bowl. 

Season 2 (2017-2018)

In season 2 we fared worse. The season started off hot. Flacco had thrown 12 TDs with no interceptions and he was looking like 2012 playoffs Flacco. Then the interceptions came… and then he got hurt. Then Kaepernick came in looking like a young mike Vick. Throwing two 5 TD, no INT games. And then he started looking like Brandon Weeden. Then the once 4-0 team ended up finishing 8-8. The second season came crashing down in a week 17 nail-biter against rival Cincinnatti Bengals (Who dey for real, and where “dey” come from?). 
The Steelers, led by my boy Re_Mo878, should have won the Super Bowl but I hit the advance button too fast (My bad bro).

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